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17605Re: [NTB] (unknown)

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  • spam@digitalcircle.com
    Feb 11, 2005
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      Quoting bruce.somers@...:
      > >> That's disappointing to hear. Especially when Ultraedit, WordPad, and
      > even
      > >> Notepad has no trouble keeping em-dashes the way they are when copied
      > in.
      > From your description, copying is as you wish it to be, unless Word is
      > involved. Is that correct?
      > Word is very likely to have its own way of displaying em-dashes, not
      > compatible with anything else.

      That's very possible. Word does do things like change ellipses ... to three
      small dots packed closer together instead of three separate dots. NoteTab
      recognizes that as well as smart quotes (curly directional) vs. straight
      quotes. It just somehow falls short with em dashes.
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