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17474Re: [NTB] Inserting clip code

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  • Jody
    Jan 12, 2005
      Hi Clint,

      You can override the setting Lotta mentioned with ClipCode.

      You need to ask questions about Clips on the Clips list.

      Please see my signature line to subscribe to it or go to:
      http://www.fookes.us/maillist.htm. TIA

      >I am trying to set up NoteTab for Flex development. Flex is an
      >XML type language to define GUI's and its tags have to be in a
      >certain case for the compiler not to complain.
      >My question is... if I have NoteTab 'color' my mxml and I insert
      >clip code, how do I make NoteTab insert the code in the case that
      >I have in my clips?
      >example: <mx:Application>
      >after insertion: <mx:application>
      >I need this to be the same case as I define in my clips...

      Happy Clip'n!

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