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17354Re: NoteTab Corrupt Message [blank original subject]

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    Dec 1, 2004
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      Thanks Alex for replying.

      In fact I am running as the Owner, which in XP Home has the
      full administrator permissions and is the only login identity on this
      personal use machine.

      I said I would not uninstall and reinstall until the NoteTab Free program
      proved it was corrupt. Did not take long. During a file edit today,
      after successfully editing multi files, the cursor went
      strange and editing actions like delete-character started
      to happen in a different location from the cursor on-screen position.

      Uninstalled 4.95 free (which had been originally installed from Fookes'
      .exe version) and downloaded the zipped install version.

      It would appear that SP2's built in firewall has a new protection wrinkle
      for IE6 that is virtually undocumented. (Only found references to it in
      some non-Microsoft help forums.) Executable files such as .exe
      and .zip are intercepted when being downloaded from the Web using
      Internet Explorer (6); there is a popup warning of caution about such
      files; if you say okay, the download proceeds -- in this case saving the
      ntfree.zip file to my specified directory.

      BUT, if you look at the properties of this file, Microsoft/IE has added a
      blocked Security category just below the regular Attributes boxes.
      It offers an unblock the file button and I did, whereupon the Security
      blocked properties text disappears from the properties window permanently.

      I then unzipped the file and the installation worked fine with
      no more corrupt file warnings or odd cursor behaviour.

      Searched other recent executable file downloads and discovered my
      original Notetab installation file had a similar blocked property. That one
      had been executed without unblocking first, and may have been responsible
      for a corrupt NoteTab installation. (This "block" has corrupted other files
      from other programs according to some Web individuals.)

      A friend with XP SP2 and Netscape as well as Internet Explorer 6
      tried downloading the same file with both programs but into separate
      directories to avoid overwriting. Only the file downloaded with
      IE6 had "blocked" properties. Although the files showed the same size,
      and kept the same size after unblocking, there is obviously something
      different about the original IE download. Even the latest XP books,
      that claim to have SP2 updated info, say nothing about
      this blocking property. Does not make me feel confident to use
      downloaded executable files obtained with IE. Maybe they are
      totally okay after unblocking. Maybe.

      Know this has strayed OT, but hope this will help someone else.

      Steve -- in Thunder Bay, Ontario

      >> From: "Alec Burgess" <burale@...>
      >>Just a wild-assed-guess: Any chance this is some kind of permissions
      >>Are you running as Administrator? If not, can you replicate the problem
      >>while running as Administrator? Regards ... Alec
      > using a new machine that came with Win XP SP2
      > preinstalled. I downloaded Notetab Light V4.95
      > and have used it with no problems for three months.
      [until after using the Help Topics feature triggered a warning]
      > I received an error box "WARNING: The program file
      > "NoteTab.exe" appears to be corrupted.
      > The damage may have been caused by an external program,
      > faulty hardware, or a virus infection. Please
      > check your computer and reinstall NoteTab."
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