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17353Re: [NTB] NoteTab Corrupt Message [blank original subject]

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  • Matt Clark
    Nov 30, 2004
      Steve wrote:

      That Matt has reinstalled the
      program and later gotten the same message lends credence to the possibility
      simple reinstallation of the same NoteTab will not permanently solve this
      glitch. Perhaps the next version will do better with XP.

      Actually, once I re-installed NoteTab I didn't get the message. As in
      Steve's case, the message had resulted from my clicking on Help. But
      apparently, as was his experience, the problem would have gone away if I had
      simply OK'd the message and then gone on about my business.

      Steve suggests this problem might be related to XP, which isn't out of the
      question. I installed SP2 and it totally loused up one of my other programs,
      Info Select. But when I deleted SP2, the problem went away. As a result I
      don't use SP2, and see no reason to since I have a good firewall in Zone
      Alarm, and three spyware programs plus an anti-virus program.

      Matt Clark
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