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17218Re: [NTB] Is there a tool to Tidy CSS Code?

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  • Jody
    Nov 8 1:22 PM
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      Hi weigheyeman,

      You can download both TopStyle Lite and CSE HTML Validator from
      my affiliate site and other places I have them listed. If you
      ever decide to buy, I will get credit for the sale so long as you
      use the link at me site for TopStyle and download the CSE HTML
      Validator through me - it has special code in it on the Help |
      Buy menu.

      Get both of them from http://www.sojourner.us/software

      CSE HTML Validator Lite - is freeware and does a good job of
      validating web pages so that they work correctly in all browsers.
      It works directly from NoteTab's Tool menu and a nice Clipbook
      Library is made so that when you click on an error it highlights
      that line in the HTML file! Really makes validating HTML pages
      easy and fast! You can test it out online and download from my
      main NoteTabbers Assistant Page: http://www.notetab.net/

      You can't miss the online checking form to put in the link to the
      web page you want. I'm sure you'll download the freeware version
      if you do web pages once you see the online version work! :)

      Download CSE Validator Lite Now!
      CSE HTML Validator Lite

      If you decide to buy Pro or Std, (weekend hobbyist don't really
      need them) I can give a 10% discount to you. Use this coupon when
      you order: NOTETABSAVE10 You can order from directly inside the
      Lite version that you *download from my link* in this message
      which will have my affiliate ID in it. Ye$, I do get a commission
      if you order like I said above. :) TIA

      There's also a copy in the Files area

      >Is there an equivalent to HTML Tidy for prettying CSS code
      >(preferably free)?

      Happy html'n!

      www.notetab.net www.clean-funnies.com
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