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17192Re: [NTB] missing paste board sound

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  • hsavage
    Nov 3, 2004
      Pete Hoyle wrote:
      > When it was all finished, Notetab still worked, the Paste Board
      > still worked, but the audible "bong" did not sound to mark the
      > use of the Paste Board when I copied anything to the Windows
      > clipboard. I had been using the default sound, not a special
      > wav file. I "fixed" the problem by downloading a file of "click"
      > sounds from the Notetab site and telling Notetab to use one that
      > sounds like an old box camera as the Paste Board sound, but
      > I'm very curious about how I managed to break the original sound
      > and how I would get it back if needed.
      > I thought of re-installing Notetab Pro from the disk I ordered
      > from Jody, but I can't recall how the process goes for making
      > sure I have the current version after doing that, and what I
      > need to do to make sure it still knows I'm a registered user.
      > For future reference, could someone remind me of that... Thanks.
      > --
      > Pete Hoyle -- hoylesp@... (or use more permanent
      > hoylesp@... for forwarding)


      To restore the default sounds you'll probably have to go into Control
      Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices, then choose the Sounds Tab.

      Actually, I prefer not to use Windows defaults. I have only 3 or 4
      defaults enabled, if that many. To me, most of the defaults are
      unnecessary noise.

      For the PasteBoard I use a sound that is supposed to emulate a camera
      shutter click, very distinctive, it won't be mistaken for some other action.

      I doubt that re-installing NoteTab Pro will do anything for fixing the
      sound problem but, NoteTab has a 'Check for Updates' choice under the
      Help menu.

      It's been so long since I've used it, I'm not absolutely sure how it
      works, but, I think if you need an upgrade, you will have a choice to
      download the upgrade, if you don't need and upgrade the download choice
      won't be there.

      If there's still doubt about needing an upgrade go to the following page
      and download the upgrade package directly from NoteTab. The address


      You install NoteTab over the installed copy, it automatically detects
      your registered copy and installs. Shouldn't be any problem but, if
      you've altered any of the stock clipbooks, in the Libraries folder, and
      don't want to lose them you have to copy them to another location until
      you've completed the current install.

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