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17191missing paste board sound

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  • Pete Hoyle
    Nov 3, 2004
      Hi - I make a lot of use of Notetab Pro's Paste Board feature (Notetab Pro 4.95/np Full Version). Recently I had a lot of trouble with my Windows XP (Home) system when I tried to install Norton Internet Security a couple of times, with assoicated attempts to uninstall it and the need to use System Restore a couple of times to roll back to the day before I started all that mess.

      When it was all finished, Notetab still worked, the Paste Board still worked, but the audible "bong" did not sound to mark the use of the Paste Board when I copied anything to the Windows clipboard. I had been using the default sound, not a special wav file. I "fixed" the problem by downloading a file of "click" sounds from the Notetab site and telling Notetab to use one that sounds like an old box camera as the Paste Board sound, but I'm very curious about how I managed to break the original sound and how I would get it back if needed.

      I thought of re-installing Notetab Pro from the disk I ordered from Jody, but I can't recall how the process goes for making sure I have the current version after doing that, and what I need to do to make sure it still knows I'm a registered user. For future reference, could someone remind me of that... Thanks.

      Pete Hoyle -- hoylesp@... (or use more permanent hoylesp@... for forwarding)
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