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17188Re: [NTB] tutorial for notetab pro

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  • Jody
    Oct 29 4:47 PM
      Hi cotti47,

      One of the nice features of CSS is you can change the look of
      sire-wide pages just by changing which .css file to use. Your
      questions would be much better handled on the NoteTab HTML list.
      I copied this message over there. You should get on that list and
      do your posting there. (See the bottom of the post to get there.)

      >Hello everyone, my first post here. A (relative newbie) to the
      >internet I purchased 'Notetab Pro' a while back to write web pages
      >and create a website.
      >At the time (Absolute Newbie)I realized that it's a powerful tool
      >and looked for tutorials on google. Didn't find anything at that
      >time. So I just went ahead and used the basic 'html' function (and
      >now the CSS) and created a website.
      >Now that I have a website with 40 plus pages, the need arises to
      >change (ad-images/text) on all pages at once and fairly often.
      >Resulting in alot of manual page by page editing.
      >I'm learning CSS thinking that would allow me to edit all site pages
      >at once,(ad-images/text), which are content, CSS is for style.
      >There's kinda/sorta a work-around to effect the 'change-out'of (ad-
      >images/text)at one time using CSS.
      >At least it works on my computer, I.E.6, PC-XP. Have not tried to
      >validate code yet, or get a srceen capture using various browers,
      >platforms, etc, But when I do, "Chances are" it won't work across
      >all browsers, platforms, back to the drawing board.
      >Than I realized that a script (Javascript, PHP, ASP) is what is
      >neccesary. I searched google & forums for scripts and became
      >reaquainted with the powerful features Notetab pro has to offer.
      >Full circle back to Notetab pro which is already on my computer.
      >Can Notetab pro, create website templates, and allow me to change-
      >out page elements on multiple pages at one time.
      >Are there any, Step by Step, tutorials available, using Notetab pro
      >by "example." Sorry for the long winded post, thought that it might
      >help to give an idea where I'm at, technical speaking.

      Happy html'n!

      www.notetab.net www.clean-funnies.com
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