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17148Re: [NTB] When do you plan NoteTab to be SP2 aware?

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  • Jody
    Oct 14, 2004
      Hi Jacques

      >> If it is simply a shell enhancement, then maybe it is easy to
      >> implement and added in all our software when applicative.
      >These editing features are enhancements of Tablet PC Writing
      >Pad. And Writing Pad is a component of XP SP2 for Tablet PC. So,
      >I believe (and hope) it is just to conform to some MS specs
      >(sorry, I am not a tech ;).

      You'll need to excuses my ignorance here and explain something to
      me. See, when I got disabled I went from making big time bucks
      working as a field service engineer for the long distance
      telephone switches that MCI, AllTel, Sprint, etc. use to support
      work for small programs and working on PCs. I love both of them,
      even this more because I have much more liberty with trying this
      and that without having to worry about knocking down a big switch
      in peek traffic = real big buckS! Anyway, I don't get out in the
      real wolrd anymore, so I don't know a lot about all these
      peripheral equipment, hand-helds, and things like that. So, is
      Tablet PC a type of computer like a PDA? Is it a set of commands
      the one can call into ther program? Tell me exactly what we are
      talking about and then maybe I can give you a better answer.

      >I did not investigate very far, but I've noticed: • MS: the new
      >Tablet PC features work in NotePad, WordPad, Windows dialogs, but
      >not in Outlook Express for instance. • Third party: it works in
      >a utility like SlickRun but not in NoteTabPro !
      >The new feature are very valuable for Tablet PC use: they bring
      >great comfort when correcting mistakes.
      >---> If usefull I can send or upload snapshots of those features on a
      >same sample test as they appear in Notepad and do not. in NoteTab.

      At this point I don't think I need to see them, just tell me if it
      is a piece of hardware/software and then may you can show me a
      pic later.

      I've got Fookesability!
      Although at times, no sensibility. <g>


      fookes.us, notetab.net
      bwbc.us, sojourner.us
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