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17010Re: [NTB] Digest Number 1349

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  • Ralph Johnson
    Sep 1, 2004
      I lost my netscape composer temporarily and am trying to use Front Page
      which I doubt can be done without a lot of extra work. I think this is
      deliberate on Microsoft's part but I have to live with it as Bill Gates
      isn't interested in making it easy for anyone else to horn in on Microsoft's
      money tree. Netscape and FP seem to handle graphics (thumbnails) and etc so
      they are not compatible. I opened the file in Notetab and attempted to do
      some editing with Notetab but first I wanted to look at it in a browser
      before making any changes. Great, except nothing happens with I click on
      display in browser. I assume I had originally set up note tab to use
      netscape as the browser. I went to help but it was no help. I couldn't
      find it in help about how to set it up. Why is it so common for help files
      not to give help on words in the program? I'd think help in Note Tab would
      go directly to default browser to tell you how to set up note tab to call up
      one browser or another if someone inserts default browser or something like
      that in help search.. Maybe it is there but not to me. So if someone could
      get more specific on how to change browsers I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm
      of the mind that engineers create help files not from the standpoint of the
      guy who needs help but from what he thinks you should know. What you don't
      know might be different from what the engineer thinks you should know
      Hopefully this wont get be thrown off the list. But in the meantime I need
      to do some editing in notetab and I need to look at it in iexplorer.
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