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16922Multi-level headers in .otl?

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  • Delaunay Christophe
    Aug 11, 2004
      Hi all,

      I'm beginning with making .otl document because I noticed it's much simpler to produce nice html pages with a table of contents, and also because it seems easier to me to build hyperlinks in .otl mode and then convert them to html.

      My question is how to build a hierarchy of headers in a .otl document, (i.e. 1 introduction, 1.1 purpose, 1.2 references, 1.2.1 definitions, 2 other stuf, ...).

      If this is not possible, which simple solution would you suggest me please?

      BTW, I'm using Notetab Pro 4.95.

      Many thanks in advance for any hint. Have a nice day. Chris