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  • Matt Clark
    Jul 25 10:52 AM
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      I just reinstalled NoteTab Lite, having gotten a message that the program
      had been corrupted, possibly by a virus (which wasn't the case,

      Having uninstalled and reinstalled, I have to ask a couple of questions,
      since I've forgotten certain aspects of setting the program up.

      1. I get a message saying that a .txt file hasn't been properly loaded
      because of possible null characters. Therefore, I should set "filter binary
      codes." But I can't find this under View|Options|Files as the Help program

      2. The icon for .txt files is still Note Pad rather than the red NoteTab
      that I prefer.

      3. How do I get rid of the toolbar that lists all the files I've called up
      in NoteTab?

      4. Is there a new version of NoteTab Lite? Mine is 4.86c.

      Thanks very much.

      Matt Clark
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