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16794Re: [NTB] Crash on Browser Preview

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  • AyntRyte@bellsouth.net
    Jun 22, 2004
      > Try configuring the browser in View | Options | Internet | Main
      > >I downloaded NPPro last night for use on a WinXP machine. When I
      > >try to preview in browser the program stops. I see Archie had
      > >this same problem last month - and while it's nice to see there's
      > >a couple of work arounds, this does seem to be a flaw in the
      > >system. Anyone come up with a better answer yet?

      I noticed this problem somewhere around the same time I installed NIS
      2003, but I won't pinpoint the problem as that. I changed my main
      browser from IE6 to Mozilla. With Mozilla selected, the preview
      function brought up a new Mozilla browser tab with some unrelated
      website loading after closing the tab (which didn't load anything.) I
      then changed the main browser to Firefox. So far, no problems. Haven't
      tried Opera yet.
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