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16645Re: [NTB] Lost HELP

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  • Larry Thomas
    Apr 27, 2004
      Hi Ed,

      At 10:27 AM 4/27/04 -0500, you wrote:
      >Thanks, I am running XP Pro and IE 6.0+. Some of the help is there,
      some is not. When I click on Help On Clip Programming, I get the error
      message that says the Notetab Help file is missing. Everything else in help
      seems to work OK. I had a virus and my virus program removed some of the
      files that the virus had taken refuge in. This may have been one of them,
      because it was there before the virus and disappeared when the virus was
      removed by the antivirus program. I sure would like to get that back. I am
      still playing with and trying to learn how to write clips. Jim has a good
      tutorial, but he needs to continue the lessons to a higher level. The first
      one was very easy to learn, but then that was the end and I would like for
      him to have taken us on up several levels a step at a time.

      First, you should have your backup install file that comes with NoteTab.
      It is called:

      Setup for NoteTab Pro.exe

      And you just run it to reinstall NoteTab right over itself. It works fine
      and it will install any and all of the basic files including the help files
      that come with NoteTab.

      If you cannot do that, you can copy the help files from the light version.

      The basic help files is: NoteTab.chm
      The Help on Clip Programming file is: ClipCode.chm

      As for learning the NoteTab programming language, Jody has a very good clip
      tutorial that you can download to study which includes advanced programming
      as well as the basic stuff.

      One of the outline files is a tutorial itself on NoteTab Clip programing
      and the other is an email archive from the discontinued list of all of the
      posts to that list during its short life.

      You can download the tutorial in a file called cliptut.zip from:


      You can also go to:

      NoteTab's Clipbook libraries are located at:


      And study the clips in these libraries for ideas on how clips work.


      lrt@... e¿ê
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