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16525Re: [NTB] Copy from clipboard

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  • Marcelo de Castro Bastos
    Apr 3, 2004
      On 3/4/2004 17:02, Barry Karas invited the wrath of the gods by saying:

      >Can the pasteboard option be used for other applications? I've used
      >Highlight + Ctrl + (X,C, and/or V) for years and another option in this
      >case is just confusing.
      Well, it is an internal Notetab function, but it monitors the Windows
      clipboard for *anything* that gets put there (well, at least anything
      that can be understood as text, at least), so it can be used with text
      you copied/cut from other applications. It doesn't work the other way,

      For instance, I use it to consolidate very long text pieces (like
      fanfiction) I get from mailing lists or Usenet. Works like this:
      - I activate the "pasteboard" function in a document in Notetab (usually
      an empty document, but sometimes I use it to append text to an existing
      - I open my e-mail program (Mozilla Mail).
      - For each message I want to consolidate (let's say, for the sake of
      argument, that each message is a chapter from a story), I go Ctrl-A
      (select All), Ctrl-C (copy).
      - Notetab will notice the changed Windows Clipboard content and paste it
      automatically -- without stealing focus, by the way, so I don't have to
      switch programs back and forth. This happen without user intervention.
      - Go to next message, Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C again and so forth until the last
      - When I finish, I go back to Notetab. All those messages are now a
      single text message.
      There remains some minor text editing to do (mainly erasing the message
      headers, footers, signatures, taglines and such). It helps a lot that I
      have setup Notetab to insert a custom "separator" line (Paste Board
      Divider, in Notetab parlance) between two successive pastes -- I
      deliberately chose a sequence of characters that I don't expect ocurring
      often inside regular text. So, I just have to search for that sequence
      and I end up right in the breakpoints.

      Another thing that helps a bit is to set up a Paste Sound -- so you can
      have feedback on whether Notetab REALLY has captured the text you have
      just copied to the clipboard.

      Both custom settings can be found on the View/Options/Tools dialog.

      Marcelo de Castro Bastos

      ... Don't believe in miracles, expect them.
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