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16493Re: [NTB] NoteTabPro

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  • Robert Romberger
    Apr 1 11:53 AM
      On 31 Mar 2004 at 21:26, Kent Butler wrote:

      > Upon the recommendation of a cyber-friend, I bought NoteTabPro a few
      > days ago. I also downloaded the manual and attempted to read it... I
      > can do many things, but working in HTML is not yet one of them. Is
      > there a one-step-at-a-time manual or set of instructions for
      > NoteTabPro for people whose technical skills rival those of an
      > azalea? Thank you!

      One of the most difficult things to do is try to learn two things at the
      same time. It is tough to separate one from the other - especially in this
      case, where you are trying to learn an editor and a programming/markup
      language. Others here have sent you stuff (and Felix who has similar
      questions) for NoteTab, and there are plenty of web resources for learning
      html or {insert your language of choice here}, but the one thing that a new
      NoteTab user should think about doing is trying out NoteTab without trying
      to create any html or programming file - just start making a plain text
      file. That will get you used to the NoteTab interface without having to
      complicate the learning curve with trying to make NoteTab do anything else.
      Start with a blank page and start writing yoru self a letter or, better
      yet, write down what a NoteTab command does after you try it out. Once you
      get familiar with NoteTab, then bring in your programming/markup language.
      Start small (most use the Hello World example to begin), and build from
      there. If you can start with small tasks, learning anything isn't really
      difficult - even if you are teaching yourself. :)


      Find expression for a sorrow and it will become dear to you. Find
      expression for a joy, and you will intensify its ecstasy. Unknown
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