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16131Re: [NTB] Back to Keeping my OPEN Files After A Reboot...

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  • Alec Burgess
    Jan 15, 2004

      > However, to clarify this time (~Big Smile~) I'm using Windows 98 SE
      > (happily, by the by) and have full control over all aspects of my
      > computer... (And a fair handle on how to use it, I guess.)

      Charles' idea about memory being the problem is valid, but in Win9x my
      experience was always that running out of resources became an issue long
      before memory (RAM) caused problems.

      Just to make sure either or both is not was causing your problems - can you
      confirm that you have Resource Meter (from the Win98 distro) and/or one of
      TClockEx, ProcessMonitor, TaskInfo2003 (all freeware or light nags - just
      Google) running to show whether it is a shortage of Resources causing your

      It would be worth retrying what ever causes your failure symptoms under a
      *very* light load. ie - close all other apps and make sure nothing not
      required is being invoked at startup and see if you get the same or
      different problems.

      Addressing two of your specific problems:

      > I'm going to have to figure some way to recall where things are. I
      > have subfolder upon subfolder I work with and files from literally
      > dozens, so I can't say how confusing and annoying it is not to be
      > able to have the essential files open when I need 'em.

      As a workaround until the main problem gets solved - could you build a
      Favorites list that includes all the files you want to be able to access and
      use QuickList to select from for the file/files you want to work on?

      SysTray icon for Notetab: When I was using Win98 I always had problems
      getting this feature to work consistently too - others have reported similar
      problems. Usually clicking the option off/on (OK'ing between each in
      Options) seems to help but long term I found it more useful to just leave
      Notetab on the taskbar.

      This also allows you (if you want to open a file from Windows Explorer) to
      drag the file(s) on to the TaskBar-Notetab button - wait a second or two -
      Notetab window gets restored - drop it/them into Notetab. Note: I didn't
      discover this till after switching to Win2K so I'm not posiitive it will
      work in Win9x

      Long term: Get Win2K or WinXP - the time you save in not having to reboot
      never mind the other advantages will be so gooood :-)

      Regards ... Alec

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