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16125Re: [NTB] Back to Keeping my OPEN Files After A Reboot...

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  • Larry Thomas
    Jan 15, 2004
      Hi Kevin,

      At 06:22 PM 1/15/04 -0000, you wrote:
      >First off, thanks to everyone who answered me first time 'round. It's
      >much appreciated.
      >However, to clarify this time (~Big Smile~) I'm using Windows 98 SE
      >(happily, by the by) and have full control over all aspects of my
      >computer... (And a fair handle on how to use it, I guess.)
      >I tried what was suggested--both renaming and totally removing
      >the .ini file from my NoteTab Pro folder.
      >That worked fine through *one* reboot (shut off at night and booting
      >next morning) as I recall...
      >Hasn't worked probably 9 times out of 10, though.

      I have looked at Jim and Jody's reply to your previous post and it seems
      fairly simple enough but I will suggest one more thing. Go to the menu bar
      and select View/Options and then go to the General tab. You should have
      "Reload Open Documents" checked. You should NOT have "Allow Multiple
      Instances" checked. If you do allow multiple instances then it is possible
      for the last instance to write to the ini and that will cause it to be the
      new default. That is, if you open NoteTab once with your favorite files
      open and then open a second instance with other files you are editing, you
      can lose your settings to the second instance if you close it last. Each
      instance of NoteTab writes to the ini file with its cirrent settings when
      it is terminated and if you have more than one open, then you have to be
      careful to leave the one open that has the settings you want until all of
      the other instances are closed or it will be replaced by the settings of
      the last one you close. I hope that is not too confusing to you.

      Otherwise, I cannot think of anything that Jim or Jody has not told you to do.

      By the way, there are two settings on the general tab that are opposed to
      each other. If you check one then the other will be unchecked.

      "Reload Open Documents" or "Load Favorites on Startup" - you can only have
      one checked at one time. If you check one the other will become unchecked.


      lrt@... e¿ê
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