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  • KevinR
    Jan 15, 2004
      First off, thanks to everyone who answered me first time 'round. It's
      much appreciated.

      However, to clarify this time (~Big Smile~) I'm using Windows 98 SE
      (happily, by the by) and have full control over all aspects of my
      computer... (And a fair handle on how to use it, I guess.)

      I tried what was suggested--both renaming and totally removing
      the .ini file from my NoteTab Pro folder.

      That worked fine through *one* reboot (shut off at night and booting
      next morning) as I recall...

      Hasn't worked probably 9 times out of 10, though.

      In other words, I've done that over and over (and over again (the
      renaming) to try and get it to 'stick.'

      I have to say that it's very frustrating, as I often work with 20 to
      30 open files that I'd like to 'find' next go 'round... (Lordy, I
      even thought about starting to keep a handwritten list. But I'd
      forget every single time...)

      I'm going to have to figure some way to recall where things are. I
      have subfolder upon subfolder I work with and files from literally
      dozens, so I can't say how confusing and annoying it is not to be
      able to have the essential files open when I need 'em.

      I'm strongly considering reverting to using the free version--and
      then pull things over to Pro when I really need the features (which
      have certainly paled for me during all this frustration). At least I
      never have these problems with that version of the software. (It
      still makes me chuckle that the free version has less bugs than the
      pro version... ~Big Smile~)

      Any other suggestions? Maybe I should uninstall and reinstall? Could
      there be some other reason I'm having such a *bad* time with the

      Or maybe somebody can suggest a similar software I could try in place
      of NoteTab Pro? (I think I'm getting a tad desperate now. LOL. Can't
      believe I'd ever think of giving up on NoteTab, but this has me
      pulling my hair out...)

      Anyway, the defaulting to the systray cleared up, although the
      software *never* opens first time 'round. (I don't ever double-click
      the icon anymore, as that *never* seemed to open it properly--in case
      anybody here cares. I'd always right-click and select Open, as that
      worked better. But now that *never* works the first time I try it. It
      takes twice every time to open it... A sure sign my Open files will
      be gone, by the by...)

      Thanks again for all the help. It's appreciated.

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