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16071Re: [NTB] Sorting mail with Notetan

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  • Alec Burgess
    Jan 3, 2004

      Here's an answer that's kind of kludgey.
      If you are at least somewhat comfortable using .BAT files and the command
      window this *might* do the job. Otherwise any answer is probably going to
      involve creating clips for which you'd want to reask on the notetab clips
      list ...

      > - sort mail on the basis of headers (like From address,
      > Subject, date etc.)
      > - Create HTML or Text mail out of the sorted output

      I'm making the assumption you want to rename the txt files based on the
      criteria required so that they will sort as you wish based on new file name.
      If not, can you clarify what you are after?

      If so:
      How about grabbing Unix style utilities available at:
      UnxUtils http://www.weihenstephan.de/~syring/win32/UnxUtils.html or
      Cygwin http://www.cygwin.com/

      IMO: the Cygwin set is more comprehensive but the UnixUtils set is probably
      easier to install and start using.

      and then assuming all files are all in one folder use a command like:
      grep "Subject:" * in a command window.

      Output from this will be something like:
      oldname.txt:Subject:whatever ..." one line for each file

      Copy all this to a fresh buffer in Notetab and use a Regular Expression
      Find/Replace like:
      Replace=rename \1\.txt "\2\.txt (\1)"

      This will generate lines like:
      rename oldname.txt "whatever the subject line was (oldname).txt"

      Then copy-ALL and paste back in a command window
      and all the renames should execute.

      before doing the copy and paste use find/replace to elimate illegal
      characters in file names like \/: which probably will be found in the
      Subjects (maybe a couple of others ... ?)

      the (oldname) is added at the end to guarantee uniqueness.

      Of course - *make backups* of the mail you've downloaded before doing this

      Regards ... Alec

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      From: "aruL maaran" <arul@...>
      To: <notetab@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Saturday, January 03, 2004 00:36
      Subject: [gla: [NTB] Sorting mail with Notetan

      > Dear NoteTabbers
      > Wish you a happy year 2004.
      > I'm a new entrant to this list and have some
      > questions on sorting mail
      > I've joined a yahoo group wherein I need to thread and
      > sort mail (say 1000 mail at a time).
      > I understand that mail
      > bag assistant a paid software does this. Since this sorting
      > / threading is a one time effort and due to other
      > constraints I'm not planning to buy mailbag
      > However are there any freeware that will help me
      > --------------------------------
      > - sort mail on the basis of headers (like From address,
      > Subject, date etc.)
      > - Create HTML or Text mail out of the sorted output
      > - I'm a Win 2000 user
      > (I've already downloaded the yahoogroups mail and so
      > downloading is not a problem. Each individual mail is a
      > separate file in a Unix mail format (i.e.) mail starting
      > with
      > | From <aaa@... | Wed Feb 23 00:35:16 2000
      > | Delivered-To: listsaver-of-ddddddd@egroups.com
      > | Received: (listserv $); by f8; 23 Feb 2000 08:35:18 -0000
      > | Delivered-To: listsaver-egroups-ddddddd@egroups.com
      > | Received: (qmail 25613 invoked from network); 23 Feb 2000 08:35:08
      > -0000 |
      > | .... etc. etc.
      > any help is appreciated
      > For a one time sorting of mail (but now in 100s of text files),
      > can note tab lite be used ?
      > TIA
      > aruL
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