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16069RE: [NTB] Tab Configuration

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  • Larry Thomas
    Dec 31, 2003
      Hi Brian (not Chuck !-p ),

      You should go to NoteTab's menu bar and select Help/Help Topics and look at
      the comparison chart under "General Information" on the contents tab. You
      will see a chart with three columns - one for each of the NoteTab versions.
      Just look at how many items a checked "No" under the Std and Light columns
      compared to the "Yeses" under the Pro column and tell me that you would
      rather have Std than Pro. I am greedy though and I have all three.

      For what it is worth, the one thing that dragged me under the fence to buy
      Pro was the "Smart Tab" feature which Std/Light does not have. Once I
      tried that out I just had to have the program. NoteTab Pro is advertised
      as a replacement for MicroSoft's Notepad but I never used Notepad for
      anything. I had several small ascii text files with personal data in them
      (address book, birthdays, etc) and I was using the old DOS 6.22 Edit.com
      program because it had what Eric now calls "Fixed Tabs" and "Auto-Indent"
      using spaces instead of tab characters. I was playing around with Super
      NoteTab and just wishing and wishing that it would do tabs the same as
      Edit.com. When I discovered NoteTab Pro 4.0 in beta testing and found out
      about Fixed and Smart tabs, I could not wait to get my hands on a
      registered copy. I really cannot remember the last time I ran MS Edit.com.

      I just did a quick check and I still have it under:


      I tried it and it still works after several years of not using it. I guess
      that I keep it just in case I have a system crash and need to run an editor
      under DOS from a floppy. ie - I get into a situation where I cannot get
      Windows started temporarily and need an editor but cannot use NoteTab
      because I don't have Windows. Then I can fall back on a couple of my old
      DOS programs. Good greif! I don't even want to think of having to do that.


      lrt@... e¿ê
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