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15968Are NTB Lite and Std buggy? was: Word Wrap problem v.4.86

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  • Larry Thomas
    Dec 5, 2003
      Hi Eric, Jody, and Roger,

      At 02:48 PM 12/4/03 +1100, you wrote:
      >NoteTab Light 4.86 under Win98SE.
      >I have been using this for ages & love it to bits. However,
      >recently a problem has arisen that I can't fix for the life of
      >me. Perhaps someone might help.
      >Originally I had set defaults so that word wrap could be
      >toggled using ^W and set at 65. This worked well.
      >Well sometime I changed something & now this doesn't work any
      >So as I am typing this it is putting the text into one monster
      >line. My only
      >clumsy work around has been to save, close & re-open the file,
      >but this really clumsy. Or to save then Edit/Reload it.
      >Any help appreciated.

      I have copies of NoteTab Lite, Std, and Pro and I have checked this out on
      all three. Roger is right. There is a problem with NoteTab Lite/Std with
      the "Wrap to Column" feature. It works just fine for me in NoteTab Pro.
      In NoteTab Lite/Std, however, if you change the wordwrap so that it wraps
      to a different column length in "Wrap to Column", the Word Wrap button
      becomes non-responsive. It will not click in or stay in or change the
      document. You cannot change wordwrap for the document even when you turn
      "Wrap to Column" off. The only way you can restore the normal "Wrap to
      Screen" behavior is to turn "Wrap to Column off and then to go to the menu
      and select Edit/Reload and reload the document. There is something
      definitely wrong here and it appears to need fixing.

      I also tried deleting/renaming the ini file which caused the program to
      behave as if I just installed it and then I tried to do the word wrap tests
      again and I got the same results.

      Jody, if you test this you might decide to pass it on to Eric as a possible
      bug that needs fixing.


      lrt@... e¿ê
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