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15868Re: [NTB] Re: Quick Help for NoteTab Newbies

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  • Julie
    Nov 8, 2003
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      Hi Robin,

      A day late and prob'ly a dollar short, but I thought I'd throw my 2cents in...

      You can also find "Clip Basics" in the index of the NoteTab Help file (the
      first Help file listed under the Help menu). This is not listed in the Clip
      Script Help File index, but you do find it mentioned and will link back to
      the NoteTab help file in both the Custom Functions & Clip Wizard and Fields
      sections of the Clip Script Help File. I have it referenced under Favorites
      in the Clip Script Help file for quick access to it upon occasion. (As an
      aside, I also have the Regular Expressions topic bookmarked in Favorites in
      the Clip Help for easy access.)

      The Clip Basics topic should probably be in both places, but somehow got
      lost in the shuffle when the Clip language got its own help file :-).

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