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15747Re: User defined tags?

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  • John Zeman
    Oct 13, 2003
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      Hi Ron,

      I find this to be an interesting topic. Your thread suggests you may
      be a programmer yet you do not talk like one. As one of very many
      programmers in here who use NoteTab a lot (more than every other
      program in my machine combined), I find it to be in a class by itself
      when it comes to creating custom functions in numerous languages
      (HTML, PHP, CSS, Perl, JavaScript, and a few others). True, it does
      require a little time by the user to pick up on the clips programming
      language, but it's easy to learn (for programmers it's a piece of
      cake to learn) and once you know it, you can do pretty much anything
      you want.

      Well that's not quite right.. NoteTab still can't do custom text
      syntax highlighting, but that's should be coming in a future release.


      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, "Ron" <Yaho@s...> wrote:
      > Perhaps I will pose my question to the
      > NoteTab "Clips" list, but it sounds like the answer to
      > my question is that NoteTab itself doesn't have this capability,
      > that I can write a computer program myself in the "Clips" language
      > do it. I wasn't really planning on having to learn yet another
      > computer programming language in order to use NoteTab, or to have
      > write a computer program to implement the feature myself however -
      > other words, I don't want to make a career out of learning to use
      > NoteTab.
      > I had the (obviously mistaken) impression that NoteTab was a
      > fast, and easy to use text editor for quickly composing notes (as

      > program's title suggests), but I already own several very complex
      > programming editors (Emacs for both Windows and Linux, MultiEdit,
      > UltraEdit, Nedit, the Microsoft Visual Studio programming editor
      > development environment, etc) and I don't think I need another of
      > those.
      > Thanks for your help. I'm glad I checked things out here before
      > purchasing the program.
      > -- Ron
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