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15740Re: [NTB] User defined tags?

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  • Don Passenger
    Oct 11, 2003
      > I don't really care whether the capability is a function of
      > whatever "Clips" are or not, I'm more interested in knowing whether
      > what I describe can be done at all by NoteTab. My question was, is
      > there a "feature within NoteTab that allows me to insert these type
      > of codes around highlighted text strings similarly to the way the
      > NoteTab HTML feature works."

      There isn't a resident part of notetab that will do it. However a clip
      (which is simple simon work) will knock it out in no time and can even be
      made to do the highlight and paste for you if you want to automate that
      > I don't need to "figure out" exactly what I want it to do, I know
      > EXACTLY what I want it to do. Perhaps I should have sent my question
      > directly to NoteTab technical support rather than posting my question
      > on what I thought was a NoteTab support group.

      I am almost offended by the above, but hopefully it wasn't meant terse like
      it reads to me, so I'll assume I am reading it wrong. The issue is we need
      to understand what you wish to do exactly. If your original post said you
      wanted to create and edit and then paste to the bb interface, I missed it.

      The post is correctly directed to the clips list and they will knock out an
      answer for you in no time flat. Once you understand the power of clips you
      will have a whole new dimension to your computing life.
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