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15738Re: [NTB] Re: User defined tags?

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  • Julie
    Oct 11, 2003
      Hi Ron,

      >Ok, thanks Julie. Perhaps I will pose my question to the
      >NoteTab "Clips" list, but it sounds like the answer to
      >my question is that NoteTab itself doesn't have this capability, but
      >that I can write a computer program myself in the "Clips" language to
      >do it. I wasn't really planning on having to learn yet another
      >computer programming language in order to use NoteTab, or to have to
      >write a computer program to implement the feature myself however - in
      >other words, I don't want to make a career out of learning to use

      ~light coming on~
      I think I'm beginning to see... you're looking for something where you can
      *record* these macros you want to use in a simple fashion, rather than
      learning the language, hm? Basic text manipulation, such as what's found
      in the HTML library is very easy.

      Take for example the Bold clip in the HTML library. It looks like this...

      <very mini clip discussion>
      ^!InsertHtml <B>^&</B>

      The ^& code takes the highlighted text in the document and inserts it into
      the document so similarly using your code example


      would turn a selected

      I'm sure someone on the Clips list could write you a clip very quickly
      where you could be prompted for the "code" you want, that would actually
      create the clip and paste it into a library. It's really not as hard as it
      sounds, especially for someone who has working knowledge of all the
      programs you mentioned in a previous post.
      </very mini clip discussion>

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