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15737Re: [NTB] User defined tags?

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  • Mike Hopkins
    Oct 11, 2003

      If I read your request correctly, what you are looking for sounds like NoteTabs 'find and replace' feature where one text string is
      replaced with another.

      To open the find dialog, use the menu SEARCH >> REPLACE, then, when the appropriate strings have been entered , click either the
      'replace' or 'replace all' button.

      If you first highlight the text in question it appears in the 'find text' area when the diaog opens and you then type in the
      replacement text in the 'replace with' area. Copy-'n-paste also works in both areas. Directly typing text also works, of course.

      Clips can provide you the opportunity to create a one-click solution. The Clip language is much more than a macro language where
      keystrokes are recorded and played back. It is a real programming language with loops, external calls, etc. In accordance with the
      rules of the NoteTab support lists, all discussions of clips should tke place on the clips list. To subscribe go to


      and near the bottom of the page click on the link to subscribe to the NoteTab Clips list. These people will be very helpful, believe
      me. Also read the clips help.

      I will tell you here that the result of a customized clip book will STRONGLY resemble the HTML clipbooks included with your trial
      NoteTab. ( a clipbook is a group of {usually} related clips.)

      I hope 8^) this is an helpful response and that I haven't misunderstood your question.


      An alternate method -- and less practical one for an experienced NoteTab user -- would be to type the content of your custom tags as
      you type the text of your response, but bracket them with non-useful keyboard characters such as ^ carot (shift-six), | pipe
      (shift-backslash) and \ backslash. You could then use the find>>replace>>replace all combination on each character to replace it
      with the appropriate slash or bracket. Over a short period of time clips would be much more efficient, I think.


      Happy NoteTabbin'!

      Mike Hopkins

      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "Ron" <Yaho@...>

      >....that use codes unique to
      > their particular forums. Typically the codes are very much like a
      > subset of HTML, except that the angle-brackets are replaced with left
      > and right square brackets. For example, in order to make text bold or
      > italic, these forums use codes like this:
      > [b]bold text[/b]
      > [i]italicized text[/i]
      > If someone can point me to a feature within NoteTab that allows me to
      > insert these type of codes around highlighted text strings
      > -- Ron Dotson
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