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15735Re: [NTB] User defined tags?

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  • Julie
    Oct 11, 2003
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      Hi Ron,

      >I don't need to "figure out" exactly what I want it to do, I know
      >EXACTLY what I want it to do. Perhaps I should have sent my question
      >directly to NoteTab technical support rather than posting my question
      >on what I thought was a NoteTab support group.

      IMHO, you will get a quicker response to your question by posting to one of
      the NoteTab lists than sending a question directly to the support (sorry
      Jody <G>) address. There are very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly
      people on the many NoteTab lists.

      The NoteTab Clips list has public archives @
      if you wish to peruse the list without joining. To join send an empty post to:

      Notetab also has two Help files because the Clip language can be so
      complex. Make sure you check out the Clip help file for more information
      about writing your own clips.

      You can also right click over a clip name to edit the clip and examine the
      code to learn how to write clips. If you do that, be careful not to save
      any changes because the clip might not work after that! You can view entire
      libraries code by right clicking over the open clipbook library name, but,
      again, be careful not to save any changes you make.

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