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15733Re: [NTB] User defined tags?

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  • Ron
    Oct 11, 2003
      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, "Don Passenger" <dpasseng@i...> wrote:
      > Do you type your bb content into a notetab window and
      > then paste it into a web page ...

      Yes, that's precisely what I do - that way I can more easily format
      the message and add tags (ie; URL links, etc).

      I don't really care whether the capability is a function of
      whatever "Clips" are or not, I'm more interested in knowing whether
      what I describe can be done at all by NoteTab. My question was, is
      there a "feature within NoteTab that allows me to insert these type
      of codes around highlighted text strings similarly to the way the
      NoteTab HTML feature works."

      I don't need to "figure out" exactly what I want it to do, I know
      EXACTLY what I want it to do. Perhaps I should have sent my question
      directly to NoteTab technical support rather than posting my question
      on what I thought was a NoteTab support group.

      -- Ron
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