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15710Re: [NTB] Syntax lightening in notetab

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  • Jody
    Oct 1, 2003
      Hi eknjz,

      There will be default highlighting for the major programming
      languages and scripting codes in our v5 major release. Whole
      highlighting schemes will be available for the user to edit. The
      customization will be in a text based format in separate files
      for each language so users can share them with each other.
      Version 5 of NoteTab will require a lot of time due to a total
      rewrite of the program. There will most likely be a 50% discount
      for registered users of NoteTab 4.xx (but free within a 90 day
      order). The cost will most likely be going up to $29.95. We do
      not know a release date, but it is being worked on.

      >Is it possible to highlight my own words in Notetab
      >(reserved words of progress 4GL or PL SQL,...)
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