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  • phy2_99
    Sep 4, 2003
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      [edited by moderator to delete excessive quoting]

      Did anyone actually solve this problem I have the exact same
      problem. I have just upgraded to Broadband I wonder if that makes
      any difference, I updated a page then hours later it eventually
      refreshed. do you thin the problem is with my ISP and is tere any
      way around it other than to wait until the ISP clears their cache.


      Philip Rickwood

      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, caitlin@w... wrote:
      > David-
      > I have tried to access the page on other computers, and the same
      > thing
      > happens. I think it's certainly SOME kind of problem with the
      > but why would that make the link not change? I just tried creating
      > new page for directions.html that would send people to
      > directionsindex.html, and it still sent the browser to the old
      > directions.html, which is completely deleted by now!
      > Do you know how I can pull those little babies out of the cache? Or
      > do
      > you think it will take a while? It's already been a couple of
      > since I changed the page.
      > Thanks!
      > Caitlin
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