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  • Alec Burgess
    Aug 31, 2003

      That's weird that it won't work.
      The one other thing that might be worth trying is:
      (freeware) SetBrowser http://www.pc-tools.net/win32/freeware/gui/ I've found
      that the various methods each browser has for setting itself as default
      don't always do everything required. This program seems to get everything
      neccessary (eg. to make sure you can get to the browser of your choice from
      Outlook Express). This shouldn't be necessary though to get to either
      MainBrowser or OtherBrowser from Notetab. I've flipped them back and forth
      from one browser to another w/o ever having the problem Pixie describes.

      If you've got several of IE, (an IE based browser eg. MyIE2, NetCaptor,
      Sleipnir), Mozilla, MozillaFirebird, and Opera you could try several of them
      one after another - maybe their respective behaviors will provide a clue.

      One oddity I've noticed is that sometimes if I've got one of the IE-based
      browsers open a request to open a page in one of the other IE-based browsers
      sometimes gets opened in the one already open - probably not related to
      either yours (Pixies's) or Julies problems.

      Julie: When you described your problem I realized that I usually already
      have M-F open. I just tried closing M-F, then opening a page in it from
      Other Browser. I got the popup asking which user-code to use (I have mine
      set that way), then M-F opened, and put the file I was trying to open:
      in the address bar but gave a 404 saying:
      >> couldn't find the site named...
      Check that the name is correct. If so, the site may have changed or may no
      longer exist <<

      I immediately tried to open it again, and this time it worked. I don't know
      whether its an initalization/timing problem or whether diddling with
      browser.dat parameters would be able to correct the problem ...

      Regards ... Alec

      ---- Original Message ----
      From: "Julie" <gleits@...>
      To: <notetab@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2003 21:28
      Subject: [mla: Re: [NTB] Preview in browser help

      > Hi Alec,
      > I've just tried using MozillaFirebird (v.0.6.1) as the second browser
      > for
      > the first time. I tried as you suggested, and also by putting the
      > path to
      > the browser in View|Options|Internet|Other Browser. Neither worked
      > when I
      > tried to open an HTML file for viewing in MozillaFirebird initially,
      > but if
      > the browser was already opened, the HTML file opened from NTP without
      > any
      > problem.
      > Julie
      > At 8/31/2003 02:24 PM -0400 Sunday, you wrote:
      >> Pixie:
      >> file "browsers.dat" in "C:\Program Files\NoteTab Pro\Browsers.dat"
      >> (starting in Notetab 4.95) controls how Notetab interacts with
      >> browsers.
      >> My entry for MozillaFirebird (0.61) is:
      >> [MozillaFirebird]
      >> Command="C:\Program
      >> Files\MozillaFirebird\MozillaFirebird\MozillaFirebird.exe"
      >> then put "MozillaFirebird" w/o quotes in Options-Internet
      >> Main_Browser or Other_Browser as desired.
      >> Please post back if this still doesn't work.
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