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1552Re: [NTB] The NoteTab Advanced List

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  • R.S.
    Aug 2, 1998
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      At 08:16 PM 08/02/98 -0500, you wrote:
      >Hi R.S.,
      >>>To subscribe send an empty post to:
      >>1) The empty message's title to subscribe has to be "subscribe"?
      >It shouldn't be - nothing at all except send it. The -subscribe@
      >tells it is a subscribe post.
      >>2) The regular list messages come with the prefix [NTB].
      >>What will it be for the Advanced list : [NTA], [NA]
      >or just [A] ?
      >Right now I have it set to

      Set it to what?? -:)

      >I had it at
      >^$nta$ but that was a bit long even though I liked it better. :)
      >[NTA] is too close to [NTB] I think.

      The shorter, the better. [A] would be ok for me.

      >If you want to discuss it let's do it on the advanced list.
      >There are only 14 of us on it (most the regulars) so far so
      >we wouldn't aggrevate a bunch of folk. :)

      Since my answer to your next question might be of help to others, I'm
      aggravating the old List for one last time.

      >I see you are on there - did you have to put subscribe in
      >the subject? I don't think makelist even looks at that.

      I subscribed before asking you, but then I was in doubt. I used "subscribe"
      in the Title. By now I already received confirmation and know it worked ok.
      But I think an empty Title will work as well.



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