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15416RE: [NTB] Which Files Read Only?

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  • Greg Chapman
    Aug 1, 2003
      Hi hrs,

      > > The problem: All the files are now set at "Read only".
      > >
      > I agree with the others, a file manager(windows explorer) is a quick way
      > to change the 'read-only' attribute on a group of files, someone opined
      > you are using Win98, Jim, I believe. The ability to do this is more
      > restricted in Win98 than in XP.

      Thanks to you and others offering advice! I had already reset notepro.ini
      read-only flag, but now I've taken the bull by the horns on my WinME
      (Gotcha! but true!) system and selected all folders and files in my NoteTab
      directory and right-clicked them. I cleared the dim check mark and was
      surprised to find a dialogue pop up which asked if I just wanted to re-set
      the selected items or all folders, sub-folders and files. I chose the

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