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  • jshack01
    Aug 1, 2003
      Oh wait, I missed the obvious.

      Check Changes on Activate: Checks if documents have been modified by
      other applications when focus returns to NoteTab. Turning this option
      off may significantly speed up the readiness of NoteTab after
      activation when it has floppy disk or network files open. The
      downside is that you are no longer warned if files have been modified
      by other programs.

      Duh. Sorry.

      --- In notetab@yahoogroups.com, "jshack01" <jshack@c...> wrote:
      > I saw a couple of posts related to viewing log files but I didn't
      > any that answered my question, so my apologies if this is a FAQ I'm
      > bringing up.
      > When I open a log file with NTP for viewing, every time the process
      > that's generating that log adds to it I get a Confirm box asking if
      > want to reload the file. I click "NO" and move on. If it's a log
      > that is very active, those Confirm boxes are non-stop. Kinda makes
      > tough to do anything else except click "NO".
      > I do not have an X in the "reload open documents" box on the
      > options tab.
      > I don't want to disable all confirmations, I just want the program
      > ignore what's happening in realtime to the file while I'm looking
      > it. Does this make sense? How can I make the reload confirmation
      > questions just stop?
      > Thanks.
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