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15409Re: [NTB] Which Files Read Only?

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  • hsavage
    Jul 31, 2003
      Greg Chapman wrote:

      > Hi Folks,
      > After a technical hitch I've just done a complete re-install of
      Windows and
      > Note Tab Pro.
      > As part of my backup procedure I copied the whole of my NoteTab Pro
      > to CD-RW.
      > The problem: All the files are now set at "Read only".
      > I have worked out that notepro.ini must NOT be set read only Which other
      > files should/must have the read-only flag cleared?
      > Is there a simple way to clear them all?
      > Greg


      I agree with the others, a file manager(windows explorer) is a quick way
      to change the 'read-only' attribute on a group of files, someone opined
      you are using Win98, Jim, I believe. The ability to do this is more
      restricted in Win98 than in XP.

      A while back, when I was using Win98, I ran into the same problem so I
      wrote a clip to do the attribute change to individual files or a single
      folder or a folder and all its subfolders.

      If anyone is interested I'll post the clip.

      And, none of my NoteTab files has a read-only attribute.

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