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1539Re: [NTB] File Name Question

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  • Jody Adair
    Aug 2, 1998
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      Hi David,

      >^!SAVE:AS c:\program files\super
      >^!CLOSE:C:\Program Files\Super Notetab\curtplt.clb .

      >How do I perform such an action in 4.5?

      I looks like the same thing as before. Whenever you have spaces in the path (and maybe longfilenames but I'm not sure about that) you need to put quotes around the path(s).

      ^!SAVE:AS "c:\program files\super notetab\bookfiles\cur^[mmddhhnnss^].txt"
      ^!CLOSE "C:\Program Files\Super Notetab\curtplt.clb"

      Methinks they call them thar thingies delimiters. That be
      the quotes 'cause they make it so ya'll are not limited to
      only paths without spaces.


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