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1530Re: [NTB] The NoteTab Advanced List

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  • Lawrence R. Thomas
    Aug 2, 1998
      At 10:55 PM 8/1/98 -0500, Jody wrote:
      >Let's don't start posting to NoteTab Advanced until
      >around Monday say at 8:00 AM, EST. (That's the eastern
      >area of the USA which is 3:00 AM GMT if I understand that
      >correctly.) This will allow most everybody some time to
      >sign up without missing anything.

      I have a program called Geoclock which displays the time in a map display
      format with various maps for regions, countries, and globally including
      views that appear as if seen from space. It shows a limited selection of
      cities and times. It also shows daylight, night, and the terminator
      (Sunrise/Sunset information included) along with Sun and Moom positions.
      Jody, Greenwich Mean Time is five hours ahead of Eastern (US) time. 8:00
      AM Eastern time is 2:00 PM GMT.

      Larry Thomas

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