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15071Re: [NTB] Edit Window

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  • Larry Thomas
    Jun 7, 2003
      Hi netman321,

      At 09:48 PM 6/7/03 -0000, you wrote:
      >Is it possible to hide Libraries list so the edit window will be full

      In addition to the other answers, you might be referring to the clip edit
      window. When you close the left hand clip panel with the F4, the clip edit
      window also closes and this keeps you from editing clips full-screen. If
      this is what you are referring to, you can do this by going to the menu and
      selecting Tools/C;ipbook Properties/Hide Clipbook. Now the clipbook panel
      will be hidden but not closed and the clipbook editor will be displayed
      full-screen if you wish it so. To restore the clipbook you can do it again
      - it is a toggle function, or you can press F4, or you can clip the tab for
      the clipbook at the bottom of the screen.


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