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1502Re: [NTB] Undo greyed out

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  • Eric G.V. Fookes
    Aug 1, 1998
      Hi Clifford,

      >>>I did command "headings to clipboard" (right click option in headings
      >>>window), then did paste in main window.
      >>>They came down with no square brackets, and when I went to undo the button
      >>>was greyed-out!!!
      >>>Shouldn't I be able to undo a paste???????
      >I duplicated problem again;
      >o file | new outline
      >o typed name 'abcde' then enter

      Thanks for the info. I also managed to reproduce the problem and will get
      it fixed in the next update...

      Best regards,
      Eric G.V. Fookes <fookes@...>
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