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1500[NTB] Hyperlink Headings

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  • Kay Roath
    Aug 1, 1998
      I should have done this a long time ago. Thanks for the push
      Clifford! copy everything between the 'start' 'end' lines and
      use Add from Clipboard (right click menu) to get it into a
      Clipbook. Start with the Outline you want as your active
      document. The clip will copy the Headings to a new doc &
      hyperlink them. You then have an index that you can format (I
      usually try to get several on each line - otherwise it's just as
      easy to scroll the Heading area). Copy the index back into the
      Outline & you can get to the Headings by putting your cursor
      inside the brackets & pressing Ctrl+G or mark Quick Open Links in
      the Tools menu so you can double click. If you wanted to use a
      text file to index several Outlines, we would just need to make a
      small change in the way it formats the hyperlinks.

      ---------< start clip >---------
      H=HyperLink Headings
      ^!IfTrue ^$IsOutlineDoc$ Continue
      ^!Info The current document is not an Outline
      ^!GoTo End
      ^!Skip Press 'Yes' to copy Headings from ^**
      ^!GoTo End
      ^!KeyBoard SHIFT+F6 SHIFT+F10 T
      ^!ToolBar New Document
      ^!KeyBoard CTRL+V BACKSPACE ] CTRL+Home [
      ^!Replace "^P" >> "]^P[" WAS
      ---------< end clip >---------

      IfTrue - check if Outline doc - jump to :Continue if is
      advise & end if not
      Skip - show doc name - select 'Yes' if it's the right one
      ends if you select 'No'
      SHIFT+F6 Shift+F10 T (HeadingArea RightClick CopyHeadings)
      CTRL+V (paste) BACKSPACE (get rid of extra line)
      (insert ]) CTRL+Home (top of doc) (insert [)
      Replace end of line '^P' with ]+new end of line+[ ']^P['
      FocusDoc - put cursor back in document area

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