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1492Re: [NTB] Undo greyed out

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  • Kay Roath
    Jul 31, 1998
      31.07.1998 8:19 PM Lawrence R. Thomas wrote

      > At 06:50 PM 7/31/98 -0500, Grandma Kay wrote:
      >>The easiest way to copy stuff into an outline is to open a new
      >>text document, set your PasteBoard Divider to ^p^ph=^p & set
      >>PasteBoard on. Copy all the stuff you want & then go back &
      >>search for '^p^pH=' and type in whatever heading name you want
      >>for that section. When you're done, Copy All and paste it at the
      >>end of your last Outline heading. Save & Reload. As long as
      >>there is a blank line above all of the 'H=' lines, you'll get a
      >>new Outline section for each one.

      > I would just like to point out a problem that I have with the Save & Reload
      > you talk about. If I paste H="Heading Name" and text into an outline and
      > then do a File/Save, the outline is properly saved with the next heading in
      > it but the heading does not appear in the heading list. If I do an
      > Edit/Reload, the heading still does not appear in the heading list. If I
      > close the file after saving it and then reopen it then it does appear in
      > the heading list. It also appears in the heading list if I save the file
      > and then quit NoteTab and restart NoteTab later.

      I do save/reload after putting H= stuff in all the time but I
      never use quotes around the heading. Suppose that could account
      for the difference? If not, I'd suggest doing your stuff in a
      text file & then copy & use Add from Clipboard. That works for
      me without doing a save/reload.

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