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14802Re: [NTB] Will NoteTab open these files?

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  • Scott Fordin
    Apr 4 5:02 AM

      A couple of suggestions:

      1. Open it in a hex editor or hex-enabled editor like
      UltraEdit, and then copy and paste the text.

      2. Use the "strings" command on a Linux or UNIX box, or
      in a cygwin command shell under Windows. You can get
      cygwin from http://www.cygwin.com/. It's free, and
      it's a really useful thing to have in any case. The
      strings command can extract text strings from just
      about anything, even binary program files. (It's
      really interesting to see some of the embedded
      comments left behind by the programmers of some of
      your favorite apps.)

      To use the strings command in this case, you probably
      want to do something like:

      strings <filename> > <outputfilename>.txt

      For example:

      strings coolpoem.sharp > coolpoem.txt

      The strings command has numerous options, some of
      which you may want to use depending on what you get
      from your source format.

      Hope this helps.


      Dianne Reuby wrote:
      > A fellow member of the writers tools mailing list has asked the following:
      > My friend has two word processors (BROTHER LW-810C & SHARP FW-500
      > Fontwriter) and has written loads of poems and plays on them, however
      > she would like to get the text onto PC. Do you know where I could
      > find utilities to extract just the basic text from her files which
      > are stored on standard diskettes? The BROTHER diskette can be read on
      > a PC with notepad, and the text seen within lots of other characters.
      > I haven't got a diskette from the SHARP word processor so I can't
      > tell about that one at the moment.
      > I've suggested they try NT, and I've read the help files, but as I know
      > nothing about word processing hardware, and what type of files and coding
      > (ASCII, EBCDIC, etc) they use, I don't really know if it will work.
      > Can anyone answer this for us?
      > TIA,
      > Dianne Reuby<><
      > http://firstwebbuilder.co.uk
      > http://freesitebuilder.co.uk
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