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14801Re: [NTB] Scrolling text using mouse wheel

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  • Alec Burgess
    Apr 4, 2003
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      I'd recommend KatMouse: refered to below http://kickme.to/katmouse
      When I turn it OFF I get results close to yours. When its ON then what ever
      window my mouse is over scrolls without having to click in it.

      Regards ... Alec

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      From: "Dart Chris" <c.dart@...>
      To: <notetab@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Friday, April 04, 2003 01:56
      Subject: RE: [NTB] Scrolling text using mouse wheel

      > A comment on scrolling.
      > I use a Logitech MX700 mouse (Cordless Optical).
      > EM_EXEC is there in the tasks and the scroll button works. However,
      > if I click in the clip book and try to scroll that - it works too, -
      > - and the main page scrolls at the same time but in the opposite
      > direction! It is like the text is in a U tube. Push one down the
      > other comes up! I have tried ensuring no text selected in the main
      > page etc. I have also tried putting the cursor directly in the
      > Clipbook on opening without touching the main text and the result is
      > the same. The Quick List does not seem to be connected in the same
      > way.
      > I have seen this also with a similar mouse from MS.
      > Chris Dart
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      > From: Jody [mailto:av1611@...]
      > Sent: 02 April 2003 21:49
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      > Subject: Re: [NTB] Scrolling text using mouse wheel
      > Hi Russell,
      > Hi All, been sick, but feeling better... ;)
      > Make sure you have the mouse extension software running. The
      > mouseware/software and drivers are an extension of MS' and Logitech
      > wheel mouse drivers. The mouseware/drivers need to be running at
      > least in the background to get all the extended features. You can
      > hide the icon from the system tray. I know with my Logitech I must
      > keep the configuration software running in the background for it to
      > work. Logitech's extension software is EM_EXEC in the Task Manager
      > and Intellimouse is Point32. (You can press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open
      > the Task Manager).
      >> I will try katmouse. The mouse wheel works in all other apps so it
      >> seemed to me it was a problem with Notetab and appropriate to this
      >> list. I am using an MS cordless mouse.
      >> Thanks
      >> Russell
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      >> From: Alec Burgess <burale@...>
      >> To: <notetab@yahoogroups.com>
      >> Sent: Monday, March 31, 2003 3:10 PM
      >> Subject: Re: [NTB] Scrolling text using mouse wheel
      >>> Russel, (hrs):
      >>> This gets really close to crossing the boarder into belonging in
      >>> Off-topic but on another list I was pointed to freeware KatMouse
      >>> < http://kickme.to/katmouse <http://kickme.to/katmouse> >
      > http://kickme.to/katmouse <http://kickme.to/katmouse> It solved some
      > apparently intractable scrolling
      >>> problems with other applications even when I was absolutely sure
      >>> that I had latest drivers. (I was using a Logitech cordless mouse
      >>> with wheel which KatMouse's site says it won't help but I (and
      >>> others) found it works just fine with Logitech too).
      >>> Might well be worth a shot in this case too.
      >>> Regards ... Alec
      >>> --
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      >>> From: "hsavage" <hsavage@...>
      >>> To: <notetab@yahoogroups.com>
      >>> Sent: Sunday, March 30, 2003 07:24
      >>> Subject: Re: [NTB] Scrolling text using mouse wheel
      >>>> Russell Green wrote:
      >>>>> Hello
      >>>>> I recently installed Notetab light 4.92. The text does not scroll
      >>>>> using the mouse wheel. I have looked in help and menus and found
      >>>>> nothing relevent. Any suggestions?
      >>>>> Thanks
      >>>>> Russell
      >>>>> Russell Green
      >>>>> Noosa Heads, Qld
      >>>>> Australia
      >>>> Hi Russell,
      >>>> This has been a common problem on these lists, generally it is
      >>>> solved by
      >>>> downloading the most recent mouse driver software for your
      >>>> particular mouse.
      >>>> hrs
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