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14800Will NoteTab open these files?

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  • Dianne Reuby
    Apr 4, 2003
      A fellow member of the writers tools mailing list has asked the following:

      My friend has two word processors (BROTHER LW-810C & SHARP FW-500
      Fontwriter) and has written loads of poems and plays on them, however
      she would like to get the text onto PC. Do you know where I could
      find utilities to extract just the basic text from her files which
      are stored on standard diskettes? The BROTHER diskette can be read on
      a PC with notepad, and the text seen within lots of other characters.
      I haven't got a diskette from the SHARP word processor so I can't
      tell about that one at the moment.

      I've suggested they try NT, and I've read the help files, but as I know
      nothing about word processing hardware, and what type of files and coding
      (ASCII, EBCDIC, etc) they use, I don't really know if it will work.

      Can anyone answer this for us?

      Dianne Reuby<><
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