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14704Re: [NTB] closing tabs & integration with Netcaptor

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  • Alec Burgess
    Mar 1, 2003
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      Michael, (Jody)

      I think the answer Jody gave while good, might be the answer to a different
      question than you asked. When I try what Jody suggested on a buffer I want
      to get rid of (doing a Delete) asks you to confirm deletion before it

      These two one liners use "Close Discard" and "Close All,Discard" to either
      close the current file (buffer) or all files (buffers) without requiring a

      Put them in a clip library, drag them to the clipbar(s) you have open most
      often (and then use right/click on clipbutton to change icon to the close
      and close-all icons)

      Now instead of using the normal close button or right-click option use your
      new clip button instead and you won't have to answer questions all the time.

      ^!Close All,Discard

      ^!Close Discard


      Regards ... Alec

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      From: "Jody" <av1611@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, March 01, 2003 02:25
      Subject: Re: [NTB] closing tabs & integration with Netcaptor

      > Hi Michael,
      > I have a Clip on my default Clipbar that Recycles the file. If I
      > hold the Ctrl key down it will keep sending files to the Recycle
      > Bin until I release the key. You can right click over the tab
      > and choose Delete, or use the Delete Document tool on your
      > Toolbar or Shortcut menu.
      >> 1) I'm a software developer and use Notetab pretty much all day. I
      >> often open new tabs to temporarily store data I don't intend to save.
      >> How can I close those tabs without being prompted to save the file?
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