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14584Re: [NTB] MDI and tab cycle order

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  • Brian Clary
    Feb 10, 2003
      > Hello Brian,
      > I can only strengthen the tips from Don's answer,
      > and add 1 or two remarks:
      > - From your scenario, CTRL-SHIFT-W for opening a
      > second window in
      > NoteTab really might help alot. There are some
      > specialities when
      > handling these windows from the keyboard -- however
      > whenever in doubt
      > hit F1 and the always good Help File should help
      > you. The only thing
      > _not_ working is having two windows to the _same_
      > file in this manner -
      > AFAIK.

      Thanks. This second window tip from you and Don is
      just what I needed.

      > - The straight order of jump to or close tabs comes
      > very logical and
      > handy together with the ability to reordering tabs
      > as mentioned by Don.

      I think is more of a personal choice. Some, like me,
      find the "Recently used" tab order to be more
      intuitive, and others find the straight method more
      logical. Neither's right or wrong. What do you think
      of a setting (maybe in the tab bar section of the
      options) to choose the order of tab focus with

      > Right-Click on any tab, check 'Allow Reordering',
      > and you can shift the
      > document tabs in any order you like.

      I cannot find this when I right click on a tab. I'm
      using NTP 4.91. I do know that I can drag the tabs to
      any order. Very handy.

      > - And try the Pasteboard feature as mentioned by
      > Don. Sometimes _thats_
      > the solution.

      This wouldn't help me much since I need to drag to
      specific spots, but I can see the potential in this
      feature, and I like it.

      > :)
      > Regards
      > Stefan

      Thanks for the help :)

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