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14583Re: [NTB] MDI and tab cycle order

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  • Brian Clary
    Feb 10, 2003
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      > easiest first: two side by side windows is there
      > document/second window
      > or
      > shift+control+w

      I did not know about this. This makes the process
      much easier. Thanks!

      > However if you are going to drag a lot, consider
      > making document 1 a
      > pasteboard document (document/use as pasteboard or
      > shift+control+p), and
      > then anything you cut and paste in document two,
      > three, four, etc., will be
      > pasted into document 1.

      I probably wouldn't use this since I need to drag to
      specific areas, but I can see the potential. I like
      this feature.

      > Also you can reorder the tabs by dragging and
      > dropping so document one and
      > document 4 can be next to each other.

      Yes, I've done this plenty of times. Very handy.

      > Thus you can use control + tab to move right and
      > shift + control + tab to
      > move left. I think between these three things (two
      > windows, reordering
      > tabs, and "tab jumping with control + tab") you have
      > what you need already
      > at your finger tips.

      The second window function will definitely make life
      easier (thought it wasn't that bad to begin with -
      NoteTab is great). I guess I'm just used to a
      "Recently used" order of tab jumping. I know for
      other people it isn't intuitive. What do you think
      about an option to choose the order (I think it would
      go in the tab bar section of the options)?

      > Click your heels three times and say "there's no
      > program like notetab,
      > there's ..."
      > Don

      Thanks for the help; I've learned a neat trick!

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