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14554Re: [NTB] Thesaurus Usage

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  • Ray Shapp
    Feb 2, 2003
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      Hi Jody,

      I still haven't been able to integrate WordWeb into NTPro. My previous post
      to this Group (on Jan 30) was unanswered so I contacted Anthony Lewis who
      referred me back to this group. He said>>>

      It shouldn't matter where you install WordWeb. There's an option in the
      WordWeb install program to install for "all users" - I thought if you had
      selected that it might be the problem. Otherwise I don't know, maybe best
      trying the Fookes folk.


      I'm new to WinXP. This machine (Pentium IV) is not networked. In the
      Documents and Settings folder, there are three sub-folders named, "All Users",
      "Default User", and "RAS". I always log on as RAS (my initials) as

      In your reply to Murray on Jan 28, you said>>>

      Try closing NoteTab and reinstalling WordWeb, any version. I
      think that is what fixed it for me. (I use 2.1 Pro so that it
      works with other programs and keep the icon in the tray so that I
      can Ctrl+Alt+W at anytime to launch WordWeb.

      I did that, but no joy. I also tried the following (among other unproductive

      Idea 1. I copied a shortcut for WW into C:\Documents and Settings\All
      Users\Start Menu\Programs. I then exited NTPro and WW. I then re-started
      NTPro and highlighted a word and hit F12. That gave me only the default

      Idea 2. Start > All Programs > Shortcut to WordWeb. This put the WW icon
      into the system tray. I again exited NTPro then re-started NTPro (while WW is
      still in the system tray). F12 still yields only the default thesaurus within

      One thing I did NOT do is remove the default thesaurus file from the NTPro
      folder. I'm not even sure what the default thesaurus file is named.

      BTW, In NTPro, On the Options > Advanced tab, my Support Files Location window
      is blank. Is that significant?

      Please tell me how to make WordWeb respond in place of the default thesaurus
      from within NTPro.

      Note: WordWeb works fine in NTPro and in Word and some other applications
      when I invoke it by pressing Ctrl-Alt-W.

      Thanks again,

      Ray Shapp
      Watchung, NJ
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