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14510RE: [NTB] Notetab playing sounds!

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  • Brian Binder
    Jan 22, 2003
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      Pulling the speaker wire will not stop sound from being played out of a sound card.

      If you really want to know if it's your internal speaker that is the culprit, simply pull the speaker plug that comes from your sound card and goes out to your speakers.

      Did it stop? If yes, then the sound card is what's making the noise.
      Still hear it? Then the internal speaker is what's making the noise.

      Even if the sound card is embedded, there's still an internal speaker (in most cases) which is not part of the sound card. If this is pulled, the noise stops.


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      Hi Brian and Martin,

      (I'm passing this over to the Next-Release list.)

      >Unplug the speaker wire from the motherboard that goes to the
      >internal speaker.

      That sounds great, but will that prevent sound from coming out of
      my external speakers via my sound card? :) If yes, I'll tear
      into it. Like Martin, I've gone to all the NoteTab and Windows
      places to disable the sound.

      I'm testing with a document that needs saving for the first time
      (FWIW) and using the Close tool from the Toolbar. The same thing
      happens from the Tab menu. It is the Windows default beep (in
      Win XP Pro) that is used for the sound. Actually, I have a sound
      configured again for my Tab bar and the Windows default beep is
      overriding the sound I have configured there when I use the Tab
      menu to close the document. (The sound I have configured works
      when I switch tabs.)

      >> Notetab makes an annoying sound whenever a message box is
      >> displayed. System sounds are completely disabled and no other
      >> applications make these sounds. The "MS-Office Sounds" checkbox
      >> in Options|View is disabled.
      >>How do I stop these annoying sounds?
      >>Windows XP Home Edition, 2.66 GHz, 256 MB RAM

      Happy Test'n,
      Jody Adair

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